Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Final 2012 Update

So, it's been six weeks since I updated this blog!  LOTS has happened since I updated last.  Most importantly, I closed on my new house and moved in the next day.  Between packing to move, finishing the paperwork, moving and unpacking, the blog was the last thing on my mind.  But, now that the boxes are mostly unpacked, I can get back in the swing of things with the old blog.

The new place is wonderful.  I'm really, really happy with my purchase.  It's the perfect size for me - has a spare bedroom for company - but isn't so big that it's overwhelming to clean.  I love having everything on the inside brand new.  And stainless steel appliances in the kitchen don't hurt!  It's quite nice having an oven that works properly and a refrigerator that doesn't make noises like it's trying to die.  I've successfully broken all the appliances in - had a wonderful time doing my holiday baking.  Managed to get somewhere around 10 dozen cookies made quite efficiently. :-)  I hope to have pictures posted to the blog closer to the weekend.

The job was a little crazy toward the end of the year.  We are busy planning how we are going to reach some pretty extreme goals related to training.  We didn't get to set the goals but we're responsible for meeting the goals.  Gotta love when that happens. ;-)  I have all confidence that my team will work hard to try and meet the goals.  Most of the rest of the craziness was the usual stuff that comes with the end of a calendar year...money that must be spent, reports that must be written, etc..  I did enjoy having a few days off last week for Christmas but am looking forward to getting back into my daily routine.  I'm still loving working for Children's - it's just a great place to work (the bonus I received last week didn't hurt!).

My plans for 2013 are to try and live a more healthy lifestyle.  I'm going to start by working through the book Made to Crave to focus my efforts on craving more of Christ instead of more of whatever unhealthy food is around.  I'm also hoping to cook more often on the weekends, making healthy options that I can quickly add veggies to for a complete, healthy meal each night.  I'm also planning to use the exercise center at my townhouse complex.  I figure if I add exercise and change my eating habits for the better, the weight loss will take care of itself.  I want to focus more on healthy, God-honoring decisions with my body as opposed to numbers on a scale.

I guess that's all I've got for now.  I'm not sure what I'm planning to do schedule-wise for the blog in 2013.  I haven't decided how to update - I know I will update with a good bit of regularity, I just don't know that it will be weekly.  I do have several book reviews to post - I've read quite a few and have written the reviews, I just haven't gotten them posted.  Hope to accomplish that sometime this week.  More next time...

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