Monday, May 31, 2010

The Big Move

Well, I did it. I am completely moved in to my new place. There is only one box left packed that isn't staying packed and it has scrapbooking stuff in it that will stay where it is until I have time to sort. I am amazed at how quickly the move went. My moving company, New Latitude, did an amazing job! The driver called me at 7:00 Friday morning asking if they could come early. I said "heck yeah! We'll see you when you get here." They got the truck loaded in less than 2 hours and about an hour after that we were on the road. The two of them got everything unloaded in about 2 hours again. Mom and I then were able to get our cars unloaded and everything inside. Then it started raining. Praise the Lord everything was already inside and dry. We spent part of the evening unpacking some boxes but pretty much crashed.

Saturday dawned and we were up and at it pretty quickly. We were focused on the kitchen primarily to get everything unpacked, washed and put away. I swear the kitchen gadgets were multiplying! After the kitchen, I moved into the bedroom and put away all my clothes and rearranged my closet. We ended Saturday pretty early too so we could rest. But, the kitchen was pretty much settled as was the bedroom. Progress was being made!!

Sunday we focused on linens and books. Right now the linens are where they belong and the books are on bookshelves but that's about it. The books will probably move from room to room for a while until I decide where I want them to live. One thing I do know; the textbooks will be staying in the office/spare bedroom. Don't want those things visible everyday! :-) Dad and Sarah came up Sunday afternoon to see the place. Daddy also helped get the washer leak repaired and reattached the dryer hose. He also helped me hang my bigger pictures. Love having a daddy who can take care of those things for me. Last evening the family and I went into downtown Decatur and went to Ted's Montana Grill to have some bison for dinner (yummy!). That trip would have been easier without an arts festival blocking the only way I knew how to get to Ted's. Grrr!

Today I've gotten the last of things put away and my bathroom organized. Mom was able to leave at noon. I look around at this apartment and I am amazed that I just moved in last Friday. I am so thankful for the friends who helped me pack and the mom that helped me finish packing and then unpacking. I could not have completed this move and retained my sanity without you!!

Tomorrow starts the new job. I imagine there will be all sorts of stories/posts coming from that adventure.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Book Review - Shattered

Finished my latest book last night and I can honestly say it was very different than what I expected. Autobiography/memoirs are not really my cup of tea but since this one was written by a former baseball player and I'm a huge baseball fan, I figured why not? I'm glad I took the chance. Frank Pastore has written a compact book that impressed me with his open, honest assessment of his life growing up, his baseball history and his conversion and life since his conversion.

Pastore came from a tough childhood, no doubt about it. He chronicled a distant relationship with his dad, his mom's uncaring, reckless parenting and his athiest approach at life. Baseball was his way out and he made the most of it, working hard and chasing his dream. His stories of his antics in the minors and life as a professional baseball player gave me a little more insight into how difficult a time young baseball players (especially 30 years ago) could have.

I think though, what most impressed me about his story was his honest assessment of his life coming to faith in Christ and his life post-conversion. He doesn't sugar-coat the issues he's faced - a spouse who didn't understand fully the change in his life, being "overly eager" to share with friends and relatives and the ups and downs life brings. Pastore honestly and openly talks of time spent in counseling, hurtful experiences at the hands of Christian men he looked up to and struggles with his mom's death. He wrapped the book up with a nice chapter or two detailing how God has worked in his life and how he is now doing what he knows God called him to do.

The only negative I have about the book is that there are several paragraphs interspersed throughout the book that really don't fit. They are great stories and anecdotes but don't fit the chapter they're in. Almost made me wonder how the editor missed them. Just kind of weird in my opinion. That being said, this was a good read and I'm glad to have had the opportunity.

Now for the legal comply with Federal Trade Commission rules, I must tell you Tyndale House provided me with a free copy of this book in exchange for my honest review of this book.