Saturday, July 24, 2010

Not So Deep Thoughts

So, I've been in the ATL almost 2 months now and I'm beginning to feel like I'm going to find my way around this silly town after all. I've pretty much learned my way around the Decatur area and just today found another intersection that I wasn't expecting. Fortunately, traffic in my area isn't too bad - slow drivers but those are everywhere. Each morning while listening to the traffic reports on the radio, I am more and more grateful that I chose to live near my workplace.

I sucessfully navigated MARTA earlier in the week as well. Had to go downtown for a meeting and my ED drove. But, she stayed downtown to have lunch with her husband so I took MARTA back to my office. Very easy, the train was surprisingly clean and the audio was understandable. Can't wait to navigate it to other places. I think I'm going to buy two plastic cards - one for me to use regularly and one to have when people come to visit. That way my guest can put $$ on the card and not waste the effort with a paper card. People at work have done that and found it useful. It would be nice if MARTA had better coverage but I'm going to use it when I can. If I worked downtown, I'd use it every dadgum day.

I am trying a new church tomorrow. It's a branch of Grace Fellowship that I visited two weeks ago. I really liked Grace Fellowship so if the midtown branch is a bust, I can always go back. This one just seems like a younger crowd and is a little closer to home. I'm just excited about the possibility of meeting people my own age who have a similar worldview. My coworkers are great people who believe in what we're doing but our worldviews don't exactly match. :-)

Book review should come tomorrow or the next day...