Saturday, November 17, 2012

Weeks Forty-Five and Forty-Six

I managed to not post a week in review last week.  Not sure what happened other than life. :-)  The last two weeks have been a bit crazy.  Between work and house stuff and packing, I've been up to my eyeballs in other stuff to do and the blog got the short end.  Since this coming week is Thanksgiving and next week is scheduled to be moving week, weekly blog posts may take a brief hiatus.  BUT, that means when I do come back, I'll have pictures of my new house to share.  Yippee!!!

In all the craziness, I'm still managing to enjoy my job - I'm working on several different projects so each day is different and there's always new stuff to learn.  I can really see that what we do matters to families in ATL and throughout Georgia.  I'm thankful God brought me to Children's.

Spiritually, I've moved through all four gospels and into Acts and Paul's letters.  What struck me so poignantly over the last few weeks is how God will accomplish His mission regardless of who tries to intervene and prevent His Word from spreading.  Acts is full of this theme.  Leaders were constantly trying to stop the spread of the gospel and the work of early Christians.  But, God moved pretty amazing ways - earthquakes, blindings, miraculous healing - you name it, God did it.  I think it's a great reminder for us in today's climate.  The post-election worry by Christians saddened me - if we know God is sovereign, we shouldn't be worrying.  Of course, we should be champions for biblical causes and fight against injustice but worry shouldn't move in.  Hopefully as time goes on, people will calm down and go back to focusing on what really matters - building relationships with people and sharing the gospel.

Okay, headed to the couch to chill for the rest of the evening.  I've been packing this afternoon so I'm ready to relax.  More next week (maybe)...

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