Friday, August 29, 2008


Let me clarify something from my last post since I seem to have offended someone I don't even know. The baby wipe warmer may be useful but it cannot be seen as a necessity regardless of what condition your baby may suffer from. Warm water works just as well. I'm not saying there is anything wrong with you if you use one, heck if given one, I might use it too.

My point (that seemed to have been missed) is that we as Westerners waste so much of our resources be that time or money. The baby wipe warmer was just an example. You could insert daily Starbucks visits, spending countless hours watching TV or multiple trips out to eat in a week and get the same point. I am as guilty of this as the next person. I was bothered by it because it convicted me of behaviors in my own life.

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Random Thoughts

I just got back from our staff retreat and David challenged us to be Radical in our lives. Radical in many ways: how we act for Christ, how we live our lives, how we worship, how we serve, etc. He also challenged us to think about what of our possessions we could give up. Do we need all the stuff we have? Considering that millions of people live on less than $2 a day, probably not. That's really got me thinking about what I could give up. Can't really get a much smaller place than I have now, I need a car but do I need all my clothes, shoes, stuff? Can I cut stuff out of my life, can I cut back on stuff and not cut things out completely (ie cheaper cable package, fewer cellphone minutes, less eating out)? It really has convicted me about the wastefulness in my own life and in life in the United States.

Then today I went to a baby shower for my best friend. Now Wendy is probably the most low maintenance person on the planet and she only registered for stuff because that's the "thing" to do. But one of the gifts she got was a baby wipe warmer? Seriously, a warmer for baby wipes?! I can't get the image of that out of my head. Why do you need a baby wipe warmer? Does poop come off easier if the wipe is warm, or smell less? I understand clothes and other needed items but that one really got to me. Wendy didn't really see the need for it either. I just think about the women in developing countries who don't have wipes at all much less a warmer and it breaks my heart that we in the Western Church are so caught up in our own selves we waste our resources on stuff like that. What would Jesus say to us if He was walking among us today? Am I the only one this stuff bothers?

Another random (and much lighter thought): why is Ping Pong an Olympic Sport? And why do they try and classy it up by calling it Table Tennis. It's a skilled activity, not a sport. Someone said trampoline is also an Olympic sport. Really?! We dropped softball and added trampoline? Go back to what the Greeks had and dump everything else. Oh wait, then NBC couldn't make millions of dollars showing all-Olympics, all the time.

Okay, enough randomness, I'm going to bed. :-)

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Wow, 2 Days in a Row!!

I've had a much more productive day today. Got more accomplished at work and then went to a fan preview night at Samford. Nice job by the athletic department to put more fans in the seats. I really like the new ad campaign using slogans like "Thou shalt not steal but a well-placed interception is always welcome." and "Thou shalt not covet but it's okay to want the championship really, really bad." Look for billboards coming to the side of the road near you soon. :-)

I have about decided that there are people in the so-called Christian community that cause much more harm than good. First there is some idiot in McCain's camp that is relating Obama to the Anti-Christ. Really?! While Obama is not and ideal candidate (not that McCain is either), calling him the Anti-Christ is a bit over the top. Later I heard he was just kidding and relating it more to how the media has annointed him as the "chosen one." But, the whole thing still bothered me. This one comment, flippant or not, really doesn't help the campaign and makes it look like Obama is being picked on. Stick with the issues and leave Biblical comments to those who are smarter about those kinds of things.

Another batch of weirdos are those who are quite insistent that worshipping on Sunday is false teaching and worshipping on Sunday affects salvation. Excuse me? I don't remember there being anything in Jesus' teachings about going to church having an impact on salvation. Belief in Jesus as the only way to salvation is the ONLY way to salvation. How much simpler can that be? This has all come about because a friend of a friend has been getting serious pressure from her family because she has joined TCABH. Man I wish they were as concerned about feeding the hungry, nuturing the young and ministering to the sick as they were about what day people decided to grace the inside of a freakin' building. For the love people, it's about a relationship, not a day of the week.

Okay off my soapbox. It just bugs the ever-loving stew out of me when supposed Christians begin attacking other Christians over trivial matters. What a waste.

Monday, August 11, 2008

Ever Have One of Those Days?

Not really a bad day, just one where at the end of it you wonder where the day went? I guess I got stuff accomplished at work today but it sure doesn't seem like it. Everytime I turned around something else had popped up that needed my attention. I have a report that I am trying to finish so I can get back to membership data clean-up but the gremlins seem to be conspiring against me. :-)

I finally joined the party and got Netflix tonight. I'm trying the one movie at a time, unlimited rentals thing. Seems like a good deal and once I get two movies a month, it's cheaper than Blockbuster. I loaded my list with drama, comedy, drama, comedy. That way there's nothing too heavy over and over and I can see movies I've wanted to see but were too cheap to see in the theater (that's most movies produced since 1995).

For those two or three people who actually read this thing, I am trying to be better about posting. I go in spurts where I'm inspired but since God is stirring something new in me in terms of what's next career-wise, I thought having an online outlet for my thoughts and emotions would probably be a good thing.

Until next time...