Sunday, September 16, 2012

Week Thirty-Seven in Review

Another week down and this was a not-so-boring week.  I spent Tuesday dealing with car issues.  I was so thrilled to be ready early and had psyched myself up for the travel up to Scottish Rite. Since this is an hour-long, frustrating trip through ATL traffic, psyching up is needed. :-)  I head out to my car, turn the key and nothing happens.  Oh the radio came on, the air came on, but the engine was having none of it.  I went back inside and called my daddy.  Of course that was my first thought - daddy could fix anything, right?  Since he was over 80 miles away, all he could do was give advice.  I followed it and called roadside assistance.  They sent a wonderful tow truck driver who jumped my car and I headed to the Ford dealership nearest to me.  One battery change later and I discovered I needed new brakes.  I was down to 3% of brake life and critical is 2%.  I see the battery dying as a blessing in disguise.  I could have easily lost my breaks and ended up in a crash and either hurt or killed someone else or myself.  While my plans for this week didn't include spending over $350 on car repairs, I'm thankful I found it before doing extreme damage and that God had provided the money for me to be able to pay cash.

Fortunately the rest of the week was fairly uneventful.  I'm still really enjoying my job and continue to see that although the need for our office is horrible and no child should have to see us, we are necessary and people value the work we do.  Being appreciated makes the work so much easier to endure.  I'm continuing to figure out what my role is and how to be the best manager I can be.  So, so thankful God has placed me here.

I spent part of yesterday volunteering at Garden of Eatin', the taste of Decatur event that serves as a fundraiser for Decatur Cooperative Ministries.  I volunteer with DCM through my church and was thrilled to be able to volunteer for Garden of Eatin'.  It was so fun - lots of yummy food, fun items in the silent auction along with games and live music.  Don't know how much money ended up being raised but based on the crowds, it must have been pretty good.

Spiritually, I've been thinking a lot about wisdom and knowledge this week.  My reading has been in Daniel and early in the book (1:4), Daniel and his friends are described as "skillful in wisdom" and "endowed with knowledge."  That got me thinking about the importance of both wisdom AND knowledge.  It can be easy to develop spiritual knowledge but that doesn't always lead to wisdom.  It is so easy to gain head knowledge but never apply it to my heart and have wisdom in dealing with situations.  Daniel and his friends had both and both were crucial to surviving captivity under both Nebuchadnezzar and Belshazzar.  Sanctification is such a journey and I'm thankful God continues to guide me in developing wisdom.  I pray I never lose sight of its importance.

I just posted a book review - one of the best I've read this year - and have one more to post.  I'm praying for another quiet week where I can get one more posted.  Incidentally, I don't think I hit 500 pages, probably closer to 250.  Oh well, at least I got those 250 in.  More next week...

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