Sunday, September 23, 2012

Week Thirty-Eight in Review

Wow, another week gone by.  I can't believe we are so far into 2012.  It seems like just yesterday we were talking about plans for the year and now planning for 2013 has begun in earnest.  This has been another week in what is becoming my new normal - work and then home.  I have to say I am settling into that routine quite nicely.  I didn't realize how tiring travel could be but having a set schedule is a blessing.  Work is busy but it's pretty consistent and there are always new challenges so I'm definitely not bored.

I've prayerfully decided to start looking for a house (well townhouse really) to purchase.  I was thinking that it wasn't possible because of my significant student loan debt.  But, when I met with my financial planner (wow, that's a grown-up statement!), he told me it was definitely doable and recommended I see if I could get pre-approved.  Well, lo and behold, I had mortgage companies falling over themselves to run the numbers and actually pre-qualified and got pre-approved.  So, I reached out to an agent friends had recently used and started the process.  I'm looking at places for the first time tomorrow.  I'm kind of nervous about it because I had a bad horrific time the last time I owned a home.  So horrific it ended up with lawyers, depositions and lots and lots of tears.  I have NO desire to relive that experience.  But, I'm in a fortunate place that I don't have to move right now; I have no real ending date on my lease.  I just feel like it might be a prudent move and want to take advantage of inexpensive real estate prices and low interest rates (yet another grown-up statement).  God is in control so we will see what He has in store.

I've been reading in Ezra this week and was just in awe of the sovereignty of God.  The temple was in the process of being rebuilt and of course the enemies of the Israelites were trying to thwart that at every turn.  Edicts were issued and people ran to King Darius to try and stop things.  What blew me away was that not only did Darius allow for the rebuilding after he found it in the chronicles, he insisted that the money come from the royal treasury.  Not only did they get permission, they got payment too.  Talk about a sovereign God!  It just amazes me how God can take Scriptures written thousands of years ago and still make them applicable to our lives today.  Not so much about building temples but seeing that if God wants something in our lives, it's going to happen no matter the worldly interference.

I guess that's really all I have to say this week.  I do have two book reviews that I need to post.  Hopefully I can knock that out either Monday or Tuesday.  More next week...

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