Sunday, September 16, 2012

Full Disclosure - A Book Review

Synopsis:  Full Disclosure is a combination of police procedural and love story.  It tells the story of Ann Silver and Paul Falcon.  Ann is the Midwest Homicide Investigator and Paul is a Chicago FBI agent.  Ann comes to Paul with a case that ends up breaking one of his cold cases wide open.  Ann is a mysterious figure who Paul decides he must get to know better.  He and Ann begin to build a long distance relationship via video chat.  As Paul begins to earnestly work the case Ann delivered him and discovers Ann is mixed up in the background of the case.  This only furthers Paul's desire to get to know Ann better.  The case gets more complex as the novel proceeds and Ann and Paul's relationship follows the same pattern.  Ann resists developing a deeper relationship and the more Ann resists, the more Paul continues his pursuit.  The book climaxes in a way that you will never see coming.

My Review:  This is one of the best books I've read this year if not the best.  Circle the October 2, 2012 release date on your calendar and GO GET THIS BOOK.  You won't be disappointed.  This is a wonderfully complex story with lots of twists and turns and wonderfully complex characters.  I loved both Ann Silver and Paul Falcon.  Both characters were so intricately developed - Henderson obviously took great care to create characters who her readers would come to love.  This book has a great mixture of police procedural, political intrigue, and romance but all the story lines intermingle easily.  There are references to characters from previous Henderson novels but the mentions don't take away from the current novel.  I love books with complex plots and this one is no different.  Just when I thought I had the book figured out, another twist popped up.  It made me want to keep reading.  But, I liked it so much I actually put off finishing the novel because I didn't want it to end.  Trust me, this is a book worth getting your hands on as soon as it comes out!

Score:  5 bookmarks out of 5

Bethany House Publishers gave me a free advanced reader copy in exchange for my fair and honest review.

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