Saturday, August 11, 2012

Week Thirty-Two in Review

This has been a wonderful week.  I have finished my fourth week at CHOA and my first week on my own as the supervisor.  And, so far, so good.  I've had a few issues come up and I've been able to address them either on my own or by going to the appropriate person for help.  Since my boss is now out on maternity leave until November, it was great to meet her boss this week.  I don't think I've ever been on a job where I've been so warmly welcomed by people.  It was also reaffirmed this week that CHOA is a wonderful place to work and it is the place for me.  I learned about the work/life benefits CHOA offers and they are significant.  While I have to pay for part of my health insurance, the discounts I can get on other services (cell phone, tickets to events, movie tickets, etc.) makes up for it.  It's just nice to be in a place where the employer wants healthy, happy employees and puts their money where their sentiment is.

I ate mostly healthy this week.  I've been planning out my meals and that has helped me know up front what was for dinner.  Haven't make 100% healthy choices this week but I'm working on it.  I scoured Pintrest today for some additional recipe ideas and made one with some fresh chicken.  I have a beef dish I'm doing tomorrow that will make a nice change of pace.  It's actually fairly healthy too so that's a bonus.  Mix that with plenty of veggies and fruit and I'm good to go.

Today has been a wonderful day.  I was able to sleep in and had nowhere to go.  This is the first Saturday without some sort of plans since the end of June.  I have completely enjoyed not having anywhere to go.  I also utilized Pintrest to find a great bathroom cleaner (Dawn dish soap and warm vinegar), a great stain remover (water and vinegar) and a yummy egg-less chocolate chip cookie dough recipe.  I feel so domestic! :-)  I have also spent time writing a book review (to be posted soon) and rearranging my Pintrest boards.  I feel so rested and other than church, plan to do much of the same tomorrow.  Such a great way to revitalize before a busy week.  Thankful for periods of rest.

I moved into Jeremiah this week in my Bible reading and have been struck by Jeremiah's emotion over the disobedience of the nation of Israel.  God had routinely laid out what His children were to do and they were incredibly disobedient.  Jeremiah tried to warn but was routinely ignored.  What I've been thinking about is Jeremiah's reaction and whether or not mine mirrors his.  Sadly, it often doesn't.  I don't weep over the non-Christians in my life.  I don't intercede with God on their behalf.  I don't worry about their eternal destiny.  And that's sinful on my part.  I should be more like Jeremiah - praying for them, building on my relationships with them and when possible, sharing the gospel.  My prayer as I move into the last third of the year is that God will continue to prompt me to pray for those around me (coworkers, friends, former coworkers) and will provide me with opportunities to share and the boldness to share when those opportunities arise.

Now I'm off to organize Pintrest and chill until time for bed.  More next week...

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