Saturday, August 18, 2012

Week Thirty-Three in Review

Another week down and I can't believe it.  I think this year is flying by.  Of course, since I love fall and winter, I'm happy about that!  I can't wait until the weather is cool - I just love the cool temperatures and of course, having college football doesn't hurt either.

This has been a relatively calm week - just work and then home.  I am settling in to the new job, I've been there now five full weeks, three on my own.  I have handled a few issues that have popped up and feel pretty knowledgeable about my position.  It's neat to be a manager, I've quickly grown to have a "mama bear" mentality about the two women who I supervise.  They are both younger than I am so that plays a role but I really want to see them succeed both at work and in their personal lives.  I'm so thankful God has placed me where He has.

I've spent the week reading in Jeremiah and I'm just so amazed at God's love for His people.  He repeatedly tried to protect them from destruction and they repeatedly ignored Him.  BUT, even though they had turned their backs on Him, He hadn't turned His back.  He set up ways to protect the remnant of His people.  It lead to me to think about how blessed I am that He calls me His child.  Regardless of how I behave or fail, He won't turn His back on me.  I think that is one of the most important parts of the gospel we can share with people.  Once we have experienced salvation, we are His.  There's nothing we do to deserve it and nothing we can do to lose it.  That is what sets Christianity apart from all other religions on earth.  And that's what we should be sharing with other people.  My prayer continues to be that God will provide me opportunities to share with people.

This week is slated to be a bit crazy.  I leave tomorrow for my second favorite city in the US, Washington, DC.  I'm there for the last meeting of the project I used to coordinate.  It's a fast trip, I'll be back on Tuesday so there's no time for site-seeing. :-(  I do realize though that I am happy to be in a job where there isn't a lot of travel.  This is my only planned trip out of town other than to visit my parents. After that, I've got three days in the office to cram in five days of work.  But, it's a job I love for an organization I am growing to love.

Of to write some reviews on post two reviews on here sometime this week.  I've got at least one more to come soon - I'm about halfway through the book now.  More next week...

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