Saturday, July 21, 2012

Week Twenty-Nine in Review

I think the theme for this week could have been "can I be excused?  My brain is full."  I began my new job this week as a program manager in the Stephanie V. Blank Center for Safe and Healthy Children at Children's Healthcare of Atlanta.  It's a long title but an amazing group of people.  We basically serve as a child abuse and neglect center for the Atlanta area.  The clinic side sees patients who are victims of child sexual abuse and the pediatricians and social workers see suspected physical abuse and neglect patients in the three hospitals in our system.  My side handles prevention and education work around child abuse, child sexual abuse, and commercial sexual exploitation of children.  My team works to train healthcare professionals and community members on how to recognize abuse signs, how to intervene and ways to prevent abuse from happening in the first place.  There is A LOT to learn but it is critically important work and I'm surrounded by amazing, passionate people who are helping me adjust.  I've learned a great deal already and will continue to learn as I go. While it felt a bit like drinking from a fire hose, it's been great to work with the person I'm replacing.

I've been so tired this week that I fell behind in my Bible reading.  I should finish catching up tomorrow and can start week 30 on Monday.  I did read about Hezekiah this week and noticed this time through what was so different about his reign.  While other kings had been "good" kings, they didn't go all the way and destroy the idols in the high places.  Hezekiah did - he wanted to force the nation back to following the Lord and destroying those idols was the only way to do that.  I got to thinking about whether or not I completely destroy idols in my life when I recognize them.  All too often, the answer is no.  I recognize God's sovereignty and am secure in my salvation but I still want to hold on to some measure of control and the idol that goes with that.  It's a constant process to tear down that idol.  Sanctification ain't easy y'all.

It has also been a neat week to watch God work.  I got a call in the middle of the week from the person at the other job I was offered.  She was calling about another project but in our conversation, she told me I had made the right decision turning the job down.  The funder eliminated the funding and I would have been without a job after 2013!  Praise the Lord for the other job and His timing!!  I also got to see Sarah get a new job in Cartersville, GA.  She's been so faithful in her job search - looking for teaching positions from border to border in GA, applying and interviewing in lots of places.  The interview for this one was a month ago and she hadn't heard anything.  But, they called last week and offered her the job.  Of course, now we have to find her a place to live in 10 DAYS!  But, God's brought her this far, He has that covered too.  I'm beyond excited she's going to be so much closer to me.  There are lots of times I want to attend cultural events in ATL but haven't had anyone to go with me.  Since we both enjoy classical concerts and more "cultural" events, we'll have plenty to keep us busy.  Yay!!

This week is busy - I have one day of New Employee Orientation at Children's and will then head to Macon for a 1 and a 1/2 day training for GCADV.  This one had been scheduled well before I knew about the Children's position and they were gracious enough to let me fulfill the obligation.  Then it's two more days of learning about the new job.  Exciting times and definitely not boring.

I have three book reviews I need to get posted - I've got two of them written, just need to post and then one to write.  Stay tuned.  More next week...

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