Sunday, July 29, 2012

Week Thirty in Review

This week's theme is whirlwind.  I had a day of New Employee Orientation, went to Macon for less than 48 hours, did a training of trainers in Macon, drove back to ATL for two days of work, went to a meeting on Friday night and then yesterday drove to Cartersville to help Sarah unpack and set up her new place.  Then drove back this afternoon.  I am tired with a capital T.  I hope the cat doesn't mind an early to bed night.  This is one of those days I'm thankful to live alone...I can have a quick dinner, prep for tomorrow and then go to bed.  Who cares if it's only 9:00 when I go to bed?

In all seriousness though, this has been a really amazing week.  The more I get into my new job, the more I like it.  We do some really, really neat stuff as an office and people really respect the work we do. I'm also coming to realize how much respect the community has for Children's Healthcare of Atlanta.  People are impressed when I tell them where I work and are quick to tell me about their child/grandchild/neighbor/family friend who was treated at Children's and how much they love/appreciate CHOA.  Makes me feel good even if I didn't have a dad gum thing to do with it. :-)

This week was also amazing from a spiritual side.  I got to watch God continue to work in my sister's life.  She found a new teaching position in Cartersville but that necessitated moving about 150 miles north on I-75.  She had to find a new place, book movers, pack, move, unpack and get settled.  All in five days or less!  God continued to work miracles.  She and mom found a new place last Monday (the 23rd), booked movers to come on Friday, got everything packed and moved by Friday.  We got the last of the boxes unpacked after church this morning and she is ready to start her new job tomorrow.  It has been so amazingly evident that God wants her in Cartersville and He has worked everything out in His perfect timing.  It's weeks/months like my family has had lately that always make me wonder why I doubt and worry.  I've seen God show up and show off repeatedly but I still find myself doubtful when things get stormy.  Sanctification really is a never-ending process.

I'm closing here to go round up the aforementioned quick dinner.  More next week...

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