Saturday, May 19, 2012

Week Twenty in Review

I cannot believe we are already 20 weeks into 2012!  Where does the time go?  This week was a mixed bag.  While I am tired because it was a crazy week with some travel, it was a good week overall.  I had an excellent training in Albany on Monday and was pretty productive the rest of the week.  I really wanted to get a good bit done since I'm going to be gone (again) this week.  I do get to visit a new state, number 36 out of 50.  I'm not sure how much of Minneapolis I'll get to see since I'm in a conference all three days but we'll see.  I have checked and John Piper's not preaching and the Twins are out of town.  Boo!  I'm hoping the Mall of America isn't too hard to get to.  Maybe I can get some retail therapy in.  Of course, can't buy too much, budget and suitcase size won't allow it. :-)

Spiritually this week has lead to some interesting revelations or thought processes.  Most of the readings focused on Psalms.  One in particular stood out to me, Psalm 109.  The book I'm using as a companion to my readings called it the most extreme imprecatory Psalm in Scripture.  Imprecatory is the five dollar word for "asking God to rain down all kinds of misery on your enemies".  King David held nothing back, begging God to bring all kinds of tragedy down on his enemies.  He wanted God to strike them dead, leave their children fatherless and their wives widows.  He found nothing good in them and laid out their misdeeds before God.  What struck me so was that the first "crime" David highlighted was their mistreatment of the poor!  Wow!  What does that say about how God views the poor and in turn, how we as Christ followers are to view the poor.  That's just been stuck in my head this week - what does that mean for me and my ministry efforts in the city of Atlanta?  I don't have any real answers, I've just been thinking about it all week.  I also have a few thoughts on Psalm 139 but they aren't fully thought out yet so I'm keeping them to myself.  Those thoughts may end up in another blog post later in the week, we'll see.

I do have a couple of prayer requests.  I have two open job applications right now for new positions.  My current employment is scheduled to end in November and so I've been looking for other positions while helping to investigate other ways to pay for my work at the Coalition.  I've had one phone interview and have an in-person interview with the other place on Thursday.  Either job would be a good fit and provide some stability.  I do have a preference but I'm keeping that close to the vest for obvious reasons. :-)  If you'd like specifics on how to pray, email me and I'll be happy to share.

I'm off to get ready for bed since I have to leave for the airport around 8 in the morning.  Hope to have Minnesota pictures in next week's blog.  Until next time...

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