Sunday, May 27, 2012

Week Twenty-One in Review

Interesting week to say the least...started the week in Minneapolis, MN.  It was an interesting trip and Minneapolis is a neat city.  More on that later.

Other than the trip, this week had a job interview in it.  I would love to work for this organization and really liked the person I interviewed with (she would be my direct supervisor).  I can't say 100% how it went - I think it went well but it's so hard to tell.  I don't meet all their criteria 100% and she was a little concerned about the focus of my current work (it doesn't directly match up with their focus).  I was hoping to hear something on Friday about a second interview but I didn't.  Maybe Tuesday.  Speaking of Tuesday, I also have a second interview with another place on Tuesday.  That's a positive.  If I make it to the final round there, that interview would be on Thursday.  This coming week might be/hopefully will be a week of interviews. :-)

Spiritually I've been thinking a great deal about God's provision.  It's not really in line with my reading this week but it's been on my heart.  I have a sense of peace about my job search and I think it's because I'm just resting in the idea that God has taken care of me so visibly the last couple of years.  I have seen His provision over and over and over and in the strangest of ways.  Of course my bills are always met but even when there are extra expenses I didn't expect, the money is there.  I like to think it's my own "loaves and fishes" moment.  I'm not always this calm about things; I can worry with the best of them, but I really think God is maturing me in my walk.  Worry isn't my first emotion anymore.

On to Minneapolis...this was an interesting trip.  The conference was for work and it focused on meeting the needs of abused Asian/Pacific Islander women.  I learned a great deal about culture, the differences between interpreters and translators and the needs of deaf women.  And, the city of Minneapolis is a great small city.  They have kept so much green space in the city - there was a great park area right behind my hotel.  It is also incredibly clean and easy to navigate.  I did take their light rail system to the Mall of America.  It is overwhelming - I constantly needed the map to know where I was headed.  It would have been much more fun with other people.  I would love to go back to explore the city and surrounding area.   Here are some pictures from the trip.
Welcome to the Mall of America

Kids' Area inside MoA

Beautiful Church in Downtown

View of Park from My Hotel

Entry to Downtown Park

Target Field (Where Twins Play)

I had a great trip and would love to go back but I am completely happy that I have no travel scheduled for work until late July.  I do have two trips scheduled but one is home for Father's Day/Sarah's birthday celebrations and the other is a trip to the beach.  That's my kind of traveling.

This week I hope to refocus on healthy eating and exercising.  I'm planning to cook a little bit tomorrow so I have some meals planned out to schedule around my evening plans this week.  I really want to get back to the focus I had earlier in the year.  I got off track; now I need to get back on track.  More next week...

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