Sunday, May 13, 2012

Week Nineteen in Review

So, I'm writing this from the comfort of my hotel room in Albany, GA.  I feel like hotels are my second home. :-)  I counted last night and over the last 12 months, I have spent at least one night in a hotel room in 9 of those 12 months.  I truly love what I do but the travel is getting old.  I can tell you the ins and outs of hotel chains as well as when/where to try (or not try) local restaurants.  Chains I usually avoid turn into culinary slices of heaven when in small towns. 

This past week was not overly productive since I spent three days conducting a training.  Well, it was productive for the training participants since we taught them a lot of information.  But for me, not so productive.  Tomorrow I'm training in Albany on a totally different topic but will lose a day of office productivity.  Since I have a couple of time-sensitive projects, I'm praying Tuesday-Friday offers some productive time.

Spiritually, I continued reading through II Samuel and the Psalms.  I continued to notice the impact of sin on David's life and the lives of people in David's life.  I came away with several understandings this week...further emphasis on how sin has a profound impact on the lives of the sinner and those close to the sinner.  I'm reminded of why my sin grieves God.  I pray I never get callous to the sin in my life and continue to be grieved when I sin against my God.  On the other hand, I walked away with more insight into the importance of Christ's sacrifice.  In OT times, death was required to pay the penalty for sin.  Often it was an animal sacrifice but in other instances, a human life was the cost of sin.  I am so very thankful that Christ's death on the cross ended the need for a death penalty.  Let that thought marinate - we deserve death but Christ took that penalty.  Wow!

Food wise, it wasn't a good week.  I didn't eat horribly but couldn't control what was offered for breakfast or lunch.  That means it wasn't overly healthy or natural.  Hopefully this week (after I get home) will be better.  I'm trying to plan ahead for next week when I'm in Minneapolis.  Lunches are on my own so I think I'm packing peanut butter and sandwich thins.  I'd rather do that than pay for lunch anyway.  We'll see what I can figure out before my flight leaves next Sunday.

I think I'm going to close and go read my book.  Tomorrow is slated to be a long day so I could use the rest. More next week...

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