Saturday, April 14, 2012

Week Fifteen in Review

Wow, the end of another busy week.  At least this week I had a nice change of scenery and got to visit a state I had previously on been through on a train.  And the meetings I went up there for were productive.  All round good week in my opinion. :-)  Pictures of Rhode Island are at the end.

Spiritually this week I spent a good bit of time dwelling on God as refuge.  I've been reading in I Samuel and in Psalms when David is being pursued by Saul (among others) and identified God as his source of help in times of need.  The word imagery of the Psalms is absolutely amazing with the number of ways God is described as a refuge - a strong tower, wings for shelter, a mighty fortress, etc.  While you can sense the psalmist's fear, you can also sense the feeling of peace experienced by recognizing God's presence.  I have been attempting to build that into my day-to-day life lately; really taking to heart the idea that God is my refuge and has already seen the outcome of whatever I am going through.  That's an easy thought on the surface for a Christ-follower, it's much, MUCH harder to live out day to day.  Fortunately, God is also interested in seeing His children continue to learn and grow so He continues to give us ways/reasons we need to trust Him.  If it was all easy, faith wouldn't be necessary now would it?

Of course, food-wise, I didn't do so hot this week.  Again, travel makes life difficult.  But, when I was in control of what food choices I made, I tried to pick healthy versions most of the time.  To my benefit, I am done traveling for 4 weeks so I can focus on eating healthy and hopefully adding in some exercise. 

Here are the promised pictures.  The first few are from the plane at 30,000 feet.  Not Rhode Island but I thought they were cool.  They aren't necessarily the most interesting since other than the airport, I was never able to go more than 1.5 miles from my hotel.  I will say Providence is a beautiful city and I would love to go back and explore more.

Interesting body of water - no idea where

Pretty view of horizon
Pretty clouds

Looks almost like a pillow

View from the hotel - love the homes in the background

Grilled portabello caps with crab meat between layers - YUM!

Downtown Providence at night

MLK Bridge - Providence

Rhode Island State House

Again, a crazy busy week but productive and I like that.  I will enjoy time without travel since I have a lot of work to do in the office and of course lots of meetings.  Hoping and praying for productivity in the office.  I am also looking forward to having friends coming from Birmingham next weekend and the first weekend in May.  Yay for friends' visits.  More next week.

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