Saturday, February 11, 2012

Week Six in Review

I can't believe another week has gone by.  I got to Friday and was asking where the week went.  Of course, since spent much of it in meetings, that's probably why I lost track.  I really dislike meetings so being stuck in at least one four out of the five days this week was an annoyance.  But, it appears I'll just have to get used to it since I have more meetings scheduled for this coming week.  Oh well, at least I have a job that I enjoy (at least most of the time).

Food wise, I did pretty well.  I lost a little over a pound so I'm down below where I was when I measured at my parent's house over MLK weekend.  I'm starting to notice it in my clothes so that's an added motivation.  Hoping to keep it up.  So far, I think it is helping my efforts to think of this as a lifestyle change, focusing on healthy eating and wise choices, as opposed to a "diet."  I really don't feel like I'm depriving myself of the things I enjoy, I'm just making better choices about what I'm eating.  And, planning ahead so I'm not having to come up with meal ideas on the fly.

Week six was interesting in terms of Bible reading.  I started Exodus this week and two things are standing out so far.  First, I think this was the first time I noticed that God set up the Israelites to plunder the Egyptians.  He didn't just save them from the Egyptians, he set them up to have the Egyptians GIVE them stuff (gold, valuables, etc.).  How cool is that?  He knew they would need the gold and valuable so He provided a way.  Wonder if that was the gold they used to build the Ark of the Covenant and the altar?  The second thing I noticed was the extreme attention to detail God had when dealing with the Israelites.  In the laws He gave, there were specifics for so many different scenarios, He obviously considered all the situations the Israelites might find themselves in.  Then when you look at the details for the construction of the Tabernacle and everything to be included there, it is obvious that God cares about the details.  It shows the importance of the Tabernacle but it also reminds me of how Jesus took the responsibility for my sins and make the details of the Tabernacle and the sacrifices within obsolete.  Thankful for that truth!

I'm working on another Pintrest project but this one isn't as simple so I'm not sure when the results will make a blog experience.  I may have to try a couple more options before I'm satisfied.  I have a problem with perfectionism. :-)

Okay, I'm off to bundle back up under my blankets since winter has returned with a vengeance and it's cold!  I love winter but this is chilly even for me. Looking forward to Sarah coming next weekend.  Week Seven's entry might be short since she and I will be having fun visiting with each other.

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