Saturday, February 4, 2012

Week Five in Review

Wow!  I cannot believe it is already February!  Of course since we haven't had much of a winter, it's hard to believe it's actually the middle of winter.  I'm actually kind of sad because I like cold weather.  But, I am looking on the bright side...lower gas bills!  My biggest concern is how bad allergy season might be for those like me who are allergic to everything that blooms in Springtime.  I don't want to be miserable from late February until May.  I wouldn't mind a frost or two before the end of March!

This was another long week.  I started with crazy schedule last Sunday and it kept up all week - taught Sunday afternoon, Tuesday night after work, was at work at 7:15 on Thursday then taught Thursday night.  Needless to say, this blog post is the only thing that has required thought on my part since yesterday after work.  Fortunately tomorrow is a week I don't have to serve at church so I can sleep in a little tomorrow too.  Another fortunate thing is that my only night out this week is City Group - no teaching except tomorrow afternoon.  Yay for the little things like evenings at home.

Even though this was a crazy week, I still lost 1.2 pounds!  I am almost back to where I was the middle of January!  I guess it proves that as long as you plan ahead and make wise choices when you can't plan ahead, you can stay on the program.  I'm noticing my bad habits are less and less enjoyable so I'm less likely to fall into them.  I fell into it last night and had Chick-Fil-A for dinner and was miserable all night.  My system just doesn't like the junk food anymore so I'm staying away from it.  Still getting the hang of "dinner" for lunch but it is helpful to be able to come home and have an easy-to-prepare dinner.  It makes "cheating" or lazy eating less likely.

Spiritually it was a trying week - I'm struggling where I am right now professionally but can't be completely open in a public forum.  I realize it's my mission field but it's not that easy.  I want to share my faith but no one wants to listen or would be offended if I talk about ministry.  Trust me, offending would happen - I can tell from other conversations.  I'm praying through some decisions that have to come in the next couple of months.  If you want more details about how you can pray, email me and I'll share - I just can't do it here.

I have another Pintrest project to complete but I can't until it gets less humid outside and I can put the Modge Podge on it and let it dry.  The smell of Modge Podge is NOT something you want inside.  I am off to finish my week's Bible reading and then watch some TV I recorded this week.  One more book review coming soon - it's just been a tough book to get into.

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