Saturday, February 18, 2012

Week Seven in Review

So, another week down and I'm sleepy.  Of course, the gentle rain outside doesn't help - it's sleeping weather.  This was a good week, just tiring. I had lots of meetings.  Again.  I tire of them quickly.  Fortunately, one of my meetings was cancelled so that made Wednesday better.  I did at least feel productive about the work week - I got things moved from my to-do list to the done category so that helped me feel productive.  I also taught four Princeton Review classes this week.  That adds to the fatigue factor.  I have really smart students and many nights my brain hurts after finishing a class.  I have a few who probably won't ever get into med school but most are destined for the med school of their choice and most will probably be very good doctors.

This coming week is slated to be busy.  It's a short week - will enjoy my Monday holiday but not the extra work on Tuesday.  I have my project's site visit this week.  My national funders are coming to town and there are lots of little details that have to be worked out.  Most are already done but being a perfectionist means I'm checking and double-checking lists.  I'll be glad when Thursday night arrives and we're done.   I have no worries about the visit itself just the preparation for it.  Fortunately, I have no teaching during the evenings this week so I can come home and chill.

I did get to top this week off by a visit from Sarah.  Since she has a long weekend too, she drove up this morning.  We did our regular Farmers' Market swing to pick up dinner for tomorrow night and then saw "This Means War," a new rom-com that guys will actually enjoy.  It's two CIA agents fighting over the same girl.  It's cute and funny - you have to suspend your disbelief in some of the scenes but it was an enjoyable afternoon.  We ended our day with dinner at The Flying Biscuit, a funky restaurant here in ATL.  Yummy food and an eclectic environment.

Week Seven was interesting in my Bible reading plan too.  I finished Exodus and moved into Leviticus.  I have a love/hate relationship with Leviticus.  I often dread the monotony of the sacrifices but I always amazed at the detail God provided to Moses.  Each sacrifice was meticulously explained to Moses before it was implemented and Aaron was expected to perform it.  I also walk away amazed that the Israelites never ran out of animals to sacrifice.  Sure they were an agricultural society but these had to be unblemished animals and there were SO MANY sacrifices.  God as usual was the provider for even that detail.  Of course it goes without saying that I also walk away so thankful that Jesus took the punishment for my sins and I don't have to worry about a priest sacrificing an animal on my behalf.

I managed to somehow lose three pounds this week.  I know it happens that way, suddenly you have a major loss but considering I didn't do anything differently this week, I was surprised to see the scale this morning.  Thankful for the encouragement of seeing the numbers move downward.  It has helped to view the journey as a spiritual one instead of a diet or weight loss journey.  It gives me new ways to think about fighting temptation.

Since it's late, I'm heading to bed - I have a good book going and the rain is making me very, very sleepy.  I have a book review coming up (I really disliked the book) as well as another random blog post.  We'll see how quickly those get posted.  :-)

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Brooke said...

Not sure if I've posted on these before but I really love these weekly updates.

Interesting thoughts on Leviticus. I've never thought about the fact that they never ran of animals to sacrifice. Thanks for pointing out that seemingly insignificant detail - God is all-sufficient!

Congrats on the weight loss! Yay!!!

You've totally piqued my interest with your comments about books - especially interested to see what book you didn't like!

Miss seeing you!