Saturday, January 14, 2012

Week Two in Review

So week two of 2012 is in the books.  Crazy week for me - working on a major project at work that is due Monday.  Spent time creating and re-creating graphs when my boss and I decided to re-do things.  We're both detail-oriented perfectionists so obsessing over the details is a given.  Fortunately I finished my portion yesterday about 4:30 so I am off the hook until she sends me the draft to read and comment on.   This week is another short week (yea for Monday holidays) but my to-do list is still a mile long so I'll be busy.

Food choices went well this week - switching lunches and dinners seems to be working.  I also added exercise to the routine so that should help things along.  I've seen small movements downward on the scale and that always adds inspiration.  I've been really working towards planning ahead for nights I'm teaching and nights I'm just too tired so I make good food choices instead of falling into the habit of driving through a fast-food place.  Should help the weight loss efforts and help the bottom line.

Spiritually, I've been thinking about a couple things this week.  I've been reading through the middle sections of Genesis and have seen several instances of the patriarchs (and others) conniving to either get their way or "protect themselves."  It really made me think about how I do the same thing repeatedly.  I've seen God work in my life over and over but still find myself telling Him "I've got this."  How foolish is that?  I'm praying about being more aware of this and repenting of it when I encounter it instead of letting it languish.  I also finished reading "Kisses from Katie" this week and came away feeling a strong desire to go back out on the mission field in a global context.  I'm praying about signing on for a trip with One Way Ministries to Guatemala to serve alongside the Browns for a week.  There is a significant cost involved but if God has laid this on my heart, He will make it happen.  I'll keep you posted.

One update from last week...tried the homemade coffee creamer, it's wonderful and a fantastic money saver.  I also tried the egg muffins.  They need less time in the oven but otherwise, were a great way to get a serving of protein in the morning without having to spend the time scrambling the egg (and washing the dishes) in the morning.

At least one book review coming soon.  Hopefully more than one.  Stay tuned.

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