Saturday, January 21, 2012

Week Three in Review

I somehow managed to not get the book review posted that I meant to post but oh well.  That's what being out of town and teaching twice plus working will do to you.  Speaking of teaching, I picked up a third round of Princeton Review student on Thursday night and these guys are going to give me a run for my money.  All of my PR students are smart, they're mostly Emory and GA Tech students.  This bunch though is another kind of smart.  Problem is, they want to argue everything and I do mean EVERYTHING!  Hopefully as the class progresses, they will see less need to argue and just accept that I know what I'm talking about.

Eating went really well this week.  I planned ahead for my two nights out and that made all the difference.  I was able to eat healthy and follow my Weight Watchers routine.  I'm really doing more of a modified WW since I'm not paying them or going to meetings. I'm using my mom's knowledge of their system and the tools she is getting for me and making it work.  I have had points left over most every night even having a cookie for dessert a couple of nights.  This week is my first big test since I'm out of town three nights and not picking the restaurants.  But, mom gave me some good eating out tips so hopefully I'll be able to make that work too.  Not sure of weight change yet since I'm waiting on my scale to arrive.  The scale on my Wii is a little wonky so I'm not relying on it.  I know what I weighed at the doctor on 1/4 and what I weighed at my parent's house last week (6 pounds less) but I'll be glad when I have a consistent scale to use once a week.

Spiritually, it's been more learning about God's display of sovereignty in the lives of the patriarchs.  I finished Genesis today and I'm really amazed at the way God's sovereignty is displayed over and over.  He also works things to our benefit even when we are conniving to try and work things out on our own.  I see so often how I mirror Abraham, Rebecca, and the sons of Jacob in trying to "fix" my situations on my own.  Fortunately God is smarter than I am.  This week we move into Job so there are bound to be lessons there.

Totally unrelated to anything spiritual, I got a new cellphone yesterday, upgrading to an iPhone.  My phone freaked out this week.  Again.  This time I told Verizon I was done with the Android platform, what else could they offer me.  Lo and behold, they came back with a FREE refurbished 16G iPhone4.  Woo-hoo, sold!  I got it all set up yesterday and have been downloading various apps for it since then.  If you happen to know of any good ones, leave a comment.  I'm open for suggestions.  Free is best but I'm not averse to paying if it's worth it.

I've started two projects I saw on Pintrest.  Both are initially for me but if one project works, I'll hopefully be able to do more and sell them as a fundraiser for my mission trip in November.  I'm not the world's most crafty person so we'll see what happens.  Pictures will come, I promise.

Book review to come, hopefully tomorrow or Monday.

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Brooke said...

Hey friend! I can't remember if I've said this or not, but I love that you're blogging so often now! It kind of feels like we just had lunch when I read these posts. :) Glad you're doing well!