Saturday, February 20, 2010

Healing Sands Book Review

I finally finished my latest BookSneeze book review, Healing Sands by Nancy Rue and Stephen Arterburn. It was different than what I usually read and took a little bit of time getting into. The book starts very slowly and it took getting to about halfway through before the action picked up and I really wanted to keep reading. But, the twists and turns in the novel made it worth the perseverance. I liked the character development the authors gave to the main female character, Ryan Coe but I would have liked more back story. There's a lot more to this character and I feel like things were brought out but not explored. I was left wanting to know more. Same with Dr. Crisp, the main male lead. However, there are two previous books I haven't read so the backstory could be in those.

While it did start slow, the book redeemed itself and in the end was a very entertaining read. There were enough twists and turns, some I didn't see coming, that made it worth the time invested. I actually want to find the two earlier books. I also hope the authors are continuing to write. A monumental event happens at the end and I want to learn how he's going to deal with it. All in all, this was a good read and I plan to share it with several people in my life.

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