Sunday, January 17, 2010

Retraction/Correction and Good News from Haiti

I always want my blog to be a place of truth and as such, I need to make a correction to yesterday's post. After talking to mom today, I understand that I should not have taken Limbaugh to task yesterday for saying people shouldn't give. According to Rush, he DID NOT say that, his words were misconstrued (is anyone surprised the media would misquote Rush?) and he was not saying people shouldn't give. In this instance, I am glad I was wrong and I'm glad I can come back on and correct that. Still don't think it's a time to pick sides but that's beside the point.

Now for the good news: according to Compassion International founder Wess Stafford (who's also one of the coolest guys around), Dan Wooley, the Compassion staff member who was trapped and rescued from the Hotel Montana rubble was able to lead the bellhop he was communicating with to Christ while they were trapped. Praise the Lord!! God WILL use extreme devastation to prove His glory! More good news, again according to Compassion. They are still hearing sounds in the hotel wreckage and Dan's videographer had protein bars and water with him. Please continue to pray that David can be found alive and continue to pray for the workers who are struggling to meet the overwhelming need in Haiti. This is an impossible situation to comprehend but we serve an awesome God who is in the miracle business. He WILL be glorified in this situation.

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