Friday, January 15, 2010

Haiti Thoughts

My heart is still aching for the nation of Haiti. Before the earthquake, Haiti was in a sad state of affairs. They are an impoverished nation with a governmental structure that leaves little chance for meaningful change with a heart-change from the top down. BUT, that in NO WAY justifies the comments of Rush Limbaugh and Pat Robertson. Both have made statements in the last few days that are just downright stupid and insensitive. Now I'm not usually one that jumps on the insensitive bandwagon but in Robertson's case especially, the comments got under my skin.

Pat Robertson is supposed to be an example for Christians. How are statements saying the Haitians deserved the earthquake as God's punishment for a deal with the devil certain Haitians supposedly made years ago? Seriously?! When did God decided to explain his sovereign will to Pat Robertson? Throughout Scripture we are reminded that suffering will happen in this world but our job as Christians is to minister to the "least of these" as Christ would. I don't remember Christ using a litmus test to decide who was worthy of His help. He offered help and forgiveness to all who asked. How are the Haitians to know of Christ's love if we don't go and share while meeting needs? Aren't we supposed to be the hands and feet of Christ? Guess Pat's momma didn't teach him the phrase "if you can't say something nice, don't say anything at all." What was the point of his comments anyway? Why not pray for the people of Haiti, pray for the rescuers, pray for the parents in the US waiting desperately for adoptions from Haiti? He has a HUGE platform, use it to send out a call for prayer.

Then comes Rush Limbaugh. He of course is using this to jump on Obama claiming Obama is using this to look compassionate and play to minorities? Seriously Rush?! Now I can't stand Obama and think his administration is bad for America but ANY president in his position would be doing the same darn thing. Remember the tsunami? George Bush handled that one. And then he went off saying we shouldn't donate to Haiti because we already give our tax dollars to them. So much for compassionate conservatism.

Sadly, all these two have done is hurt their respective causes. Robertson unfortunately is viewed as a spokesman for Christianity by the media. His asinine comments allowed all Christians to be painted with a somewhat broad brush. Fortunately, some news outlets were interviewing others like Franklin Graham and got vastly different responses. Unfortunately, everyone won't hear those other responses. And Limbaugh just hurts the conservative movement when he opens his blow-hole and starts talking like he did earlier this week. Stick to debating the political topics and leave disaster response to the professionals.

Sorry for the vent, I'd just had my fill of stupid people. I keep being reminded of the Mark Twain quote "better to be silent and thought a fool than to open your mouth and remove all doubt." Maybe someone should embroider that on two pillows and express ship them to Robertson and Limbaugh.

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