Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Different Strokes for Different Folks

It's been a long two days in my world. I went to Montgomery last night for visitation for my friend Lisa's mom. My friend Jane drove (thanks so much Jane). Visitation was very nice if you can say that about a visitation. There were a number of people there from Birmingham to support Lisa so that was good. She is handling the whole situation so amazingly well.

I drove down today for the funeral. I know Lisa was glad to have the support. The first part was really neat, hearing stories about Lisa's mom. She sounds like a lady I would like to have known. From the stories the pastor told, she had a great sense of humor and loved her family. After his stories, Lisa read Psalm 116. That Psalm had lots of history for Lisa and she managed to read it without tearing up at all.

After the Scripture reading, the pastor presented his sermon. That's when it got a little weird. He got into pre and post-millenial theology and then talked about the sacraments of salvation. I was kind of shocked that his message got that deep and off topic. I'm not even getting into the theological inaccuracies. I'm going on record right now that when my time comes, I want the Gospel presented in clear and uncompromising language and leave out the 23rd Psalm. It's not my favorite by any stretch and is horribly cliche. But, it might have been a favorite of Mrs. Coker, I don't know.

I did get to hear a hymn I haven't heard in a long time. The singer sang "Because He Lives." It's been one of my favorites since I was little. It is a great hymn and full of such simple truths. Everything we have is because He lives. We can face all of life's uncertainties because He lives. Such a simple yet profound statement.

I'm glad I went down and supported Lisa. I know she appreciated it and was shocked last night when I told her I was coming back for the funeral. I told her that doing life was what a discipling relationship was about. The good and the bad. We've had the good and now we had to deal with the bad. We'll have more to deal with in the weeks and months to come and that's what life is about. I'm thankful God put Lisa in my life and we have developed such a neat relationship.

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