Thursday, April 30, 2009

Swine Flu Stupidity

Being in public health, I have an interest in infectious diseases. I love medical thrillers, books like "The Hot Zone" and others that profile scientists that fight the worst of the worst. I imagine the scientists who work on viruses like Ebola, hantavirus and the like have to be so frustrated at the stupidity surrounding swine flu. True it seems to be attacking previously healthy younger people but the overwhelming majority GET WELL.

The all-out hysteria surrounding swine flu would be comical if it weren't so sad. We seem to have become a nation of dorks who can't think for themselves. Come on people, it's swine flu not the plague. If you feel bad, stay home and take care of yourself. Use common freakin' sense and cover your mouth when you cough, throw away your used tissues, and wash your hands. I didn't need a CDC public service announcement to know that, my momma taught me that.

Around here, the powers that be are closing schools, cancelling outdoor athletic events and the like. I can understand closing A school where a confirmed case is for a day (maybe two) to come in and sanitize but to close entire systems is overkill. What do those parents who rely on schools and daycares do? Skip work? Sure, that'll help the economy.

What about all the diseases that contribute to the 30,000 deaths of children under 2that occurred TODAY??? Where's the hysteria for those?

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