Tuesday, April 7, 2009


I have such a heavy feeling tonight for a friend of mine. I got a text message at 2:30 this morning that I somehow slept through and then a phone call this morning a little after 7. My friend Lisa's mother is critically ill in Montgomery and the situation is somewhat bleak. Right here at Easter, this terrible illness called cancer rears up again and complicates life. Lisa is such a wonderful Christ-follower and I am honored to be discipling her. She is comfortable with what God's sovereign will is and I admire her for that. I'm not 100% sure I'd be so comfortable.

I'm a fixer, I admit that freely. I chalk it up to having both the gifts of mercy and exhortation. That's a "dangerous" combo when friends are hurting. I feel so burdened because with her mom in Montgomery, I can't BE there to love on her. Phone calls and text messages seem so impersonal but I know she doesn't see them that way. Prayer is the most important thing I can do, both for Lisa and her family and I know it is important but it still leaves me feeling like I'm not doing enough.

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