Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Some Success

Okay, so God has showed off big time. I spent part of my quiet time this evening praying about my dissertation and data analysis. I have been struggling mightily with it and wasn't getting anywhere. I gave it up to Him and prayed for diligence in study and work. He answered quickly.

After fighting with a lack of knowledge and a brain that didn't want to recall what it had learned at some point, I broke down this afternoon and searched barnesandnoble.com for a self-help manual. They had one in stock in Hoover so I drove over there after work and picked it up. It has made a tremendous difference! I have a dataset that is read by my analysis program and got two small analysis features run. I still have LOTS to do in this phase but I don't feel so stupid anymore. I will keep plugging away at it and by Monday, should have a program that is well on its way to finishing the simple analysis. Thank you Lord for quickly answered prayers!!!

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