Wednesday, April 1, 2009


Had a good day today; busy but good. Got some more stuff done on my data analysis so my good experiences from yesterday are holding. It's nice to have stuff working and my committee member who helps me on my stats said my program looked good.

I am frustrated with the federal government (surprise, surprise). I'm still waiting on word about my extension and they don't seem to give a rip that this is THEIR screw-up, not mine. Now they are claiming they have to examine and approve any incentives over $1000. Um, that's the old budget, not the new one. Stupid government bueurocrats!

And, while the IRS found a mistake in my taxes (in my favor), my sister is fighting silliness with the IRS. This would all go away if we would do the smart thing and institute the Fair Tax. If everyone who is sending red envelopes to the White House protesting abortion would get behind the Fair Tax and would send tea bags to Congress, we might could get somewhere.

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