Friday, March 27, 2009

Long Week and A Busted Bracket

This was an amazingly long week and I don't know why. Weird in a sense. Lots of stuff going on at work - prepping for Easter and all. We need lots of volunteers to make Easter run smoothly and we've changed the way we recruit volunteers. Problem is, we waited too late to make a wholesale change so we're having to play catch-up. I have no doubt we'll have enough volunteers to make it work (we have awesome volunteers) but it'll be a crazy couple of weeks in the meantime. We haven't even begun to think about Secret Church on Good Friday. We're pretending it isn't happening. :-)

Lots of prep work for my Hospice trip has also been going on this week. Lots of reading and getting amazingly frustrated about the lack of action on the problem in so many countries. Not for a lack of a desire to do something - it's a problem created by Western governments and drug companies. Not sure what the answer is, I just know how things are handled right now ain't the answer. I'm also saddened that it's taken the Western Church this long to get mobilized to address HIV/AIDS. For so long we let it be a moral issue and we neglected the parts of Scripture that tell us to serve not judge. I'm convinced that we Christians (me included) in the developed will have to answer before God regarding our inaction in the developing world. We're making progress but things are so bad in so many areas that more effort is needed.

I'm also tired because my data analysis isn't working like I want it to and that frustrates the crap out of me. I can't get past one step and I got help from one of my committee members but it still isn't working. The really frustrating part is that I'm so close and it's one measly step that is holding everything up. I've found some online help so hopefully tomorrow morning when I'm not so tired, I can get over this hump.

As for the busted bracket, I'm referring to mine. I had Memphis winning it all and dang if they didn't go and lose and lose badly last night. It was UGLY. I quit watching. I didn't really like Memphis all that much and now I have even more reason not to like them. I knew I should've gone with a Big East team. Oh well, there's always next year.

Off to make dinner...

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