Sunday, March 1, 2009


It finally snowed in Alabama in amounts that could be measured in inches! It's been ages since we got snow that actually amounted to anything. While I didn't get out and play in it, it was absolutely beautiful. We had to call the kids inside so we could start large group time this morning. They were having a ball throwing snowballs at each other, the windows, brave teachers and anyone else who happened by. It's amazing how snow can make even the most "mature" teachers frolic like little kids. The only thing that would have made the day better is if it had lasted into the evening and we could get a snow day out of it. Oh well, maybe next year...

Here are some of the pictures from today:

Back Patio:

Cars Covered in Snow:

View off Back Patio:

Breezeway View:

Some From Church:

This poor tree must be so confused. Don't know if it shows up but it was fully bloomed...

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