Monday, March 2, 2009


Well, I finally broke down and did it...I joined Facebook. Of course it look me lots longer than most people because of my interesting last name. Facebook denied me the first time I tried and when I e-mailed them and asked for permission, I got some long e-mail back asking for every bit of info. under the sun. Well, I don't have time for that. So, I waited for a few months and tried again. Got rejected again but this time got a helpful person who opened the account and sent me a username and password. Now, I'm in the "club."

Of course, I don't promise to be the most avid Facebook person and I'll have to get my 7th grade girls to show me how to best use the stinkin' site but at least I have a spot. I like my blog better but I do think Facebook will help keep me connected if I end up moving in a few months.

On that note, be praying for me. I e-mailed today for more information on two jobs with the TO Nation. As most of you know, I'd move there tomorrow if a job was available. I know that doesn't make everyone happy but God has drawn my heart there and I am praying He leads me out there.

Now I'm off to bed to read because I'm cold and my bed is warm. Of course, I'll have to fight the cat...

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