Monday, February 2, 2009

Super Bowl Wrap-Up

I had a good time last night at a mini-Super Bowl party hosted by some friends of mine. I say "mini" because it wasn't your all-out, decorate, serve food for an army type of party. Sure, we had plenty of good food but it was more about hanging out with your friends than a party. It was the first time I've watched the Super Bowl with a real fan of one of the teams playing. One of the guys at the part (the imp's husband) is a big Steelers fan and had his terrible towel and everything last night.

The game was good - actually a competitive game. Neither team played exceptionally well but it was exciting til the end. Most years the commercials are better than the Super Bowl. Definitely not so this year. The commercials were horrible for the most part. There were a few good ones (Mr/Mrs Potato Head, a couple of Budweiser ads, Etrade ads) but most were a HUGE waste of money. I can't remember a year where the ads were so forgettable.

Now that the Super Bowl is done, it's on to the most optimistic four words in professional sports...pitchers and catchers report.

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Denise Hildreth said...

Hey Angie,

I noticed you are reading my book "The Will of Wisteria." Would love to know what you think when you're through. And always love doing interviews for blogs. Thanks again for taking time to pick it up.
Take Care
Denise Hildreth