Saturday, January 31, 2009

Is Clothes Sorting a Spritual Gift?

Not usually found in the list given by Paul but I seem to be really good at it. Must be the spiritual gift of administration kicking in. I actually like to organize stuff. I spent close to 5 hours this morning and afternoon helping Heather from 1Way sort stuff from the storage unit the ministry has. I have to say that having so many clothes and shoes to sort is a great problem to have. Praise the Lord that there are so many people willing to part with perfectly good (sometimes brand new) clothing and shoes to help those who have little or nothing. Donors can rest assured that donations to 1Way are packed up and shipped either to AZ or to South Africa and distributed freely to those in need. We had to have sorted enough kids' clothes to outfit every kid on the reservation. :-) I kept finding shoes that would work so well for the little one who has stolen my heart. It's also neat to pray over the clothes, for the people who will receive them, that they will be receptive to the love with which the clothes are given and be receptive to the Gospel message shared by those giving out the clothes.

I so love that God gives us the opportunity to help missions organizations even when we can't necessarily "go" on one of their trips.

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