Monday, January 26, 2009

Birthday Weekend

I had a wonderful weekend this past weekend. God has blessed me with a great family that I love spending time with. I spent Friday, my actual birthday, taking care of my dad who just had knee surgery and then went house-hunting with my sister. We saw one really nasty house, one so-so house, one great house with a great yard but lousy kitchen and one really cute little house that Sarah has fallen in love with. Then she and I went out for Mexican and then home to have birthday cake that she made for me. I also got to open my present. It was full of wonderful stuff to pamper myself with. It included a WONDERFUL pair of cashmere slippers that Bath & Body Works had this Christmas season. I wouldn't pay full price for them but Sarah managed to snag the last pair they had when they were 75% off. They are so comfy on my feet. :-) Those of you who know me know I cannot stand shoes and barely tolerate socks so I rarely find good slippers. These make my feet feel like they have their own special pillows. The whole bag had stuff I will enjoy using but would not buy for myself. Between the cake and the gift, I felt so special.

Saturday we went shopping since I needed a new suitcase. We then went and looked at more houses. We didn't find anything that matches the cute house from Friday. Provided the budget numbers work out, this could be her house. Saturday night, we got to have daddy grilled steaks. I know most men who are less than a week post-op would beg off grilling. Not my dad. He got Sarah to help him and he fired the grill right up. The steaks were marvelous. I think I'm spoiled. I can only think of two restaurant steaks in my lifetime that have come anywhere near the quality of steak my dad grills. After dinner, Sarah went home to spend time with Barney and mom and I watched basketball. Perfect ending to a great day. Slept in Sunday and then drove back to the 'ham.

This weekend is just a memory now but I'm blessed to have a family that truly enjoys being around each other and can make pleasant memories instead of nasty ones.

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