Thursday, October 2, 2008

Radical, Part 2

We had a wonderful time in small group last night. I was teaching but that's not what made it wonderful. I had been really troubled the last couple of weeks with our discussions of the Radical series. We were getting caught up in who's more radical than I am, what can I give up, etc. and I was afraid people were going to get so discouraged they would give up. So, we took a giant step back last night and I thought it was wonderful the way the Holy Spirit led us in discussion and brought up around to the idea that being Radical is all about being more like Christ. It's not about what you give up, what you do or who you do or don't impress, it's about dying to self and being more like Christ. That alone will lead us to re-evaluate our "stuff."

That all being said, I'm working through what that looks like in my own life. I don't have lots of stuff. I don't think He's calling me to sell my TV but I do think He's calling me to re-evaluate how I use my stuff. I've been convicted about a certain show that I watch that I will no longer be watching. Grey's Anatomy is one of the worst shows on network TV when it comes to Christian values. I'd been thinking that for a while but last week's presentation of an openly gay relationship was the tipping point for me. So, it's out of my DVR line-up. That frees up an additional 42 minutes per week and I'm praying that I don't find some other mindless drivel to fill those 42 minutes.

One prayer request for my faithful readers...I need a no-cost extension on my grant project to allow us to use the money awarded past the end of the grant period. It should be fairly straight-forward but the "deadline" for applying for this with CDC was April 1, 2008. Um, hello? How was I supposed to know in APRIL that in September the money wouldn't all be spent? Typical government! :-) I do have an e-mail in to the program officer to see if this can be resolved. I know God is bigger than government beaucracies and I need Him to show it. Thanks for the prayers!!


nadia said...

omigoodness! i was mid-sentence to speak the EXACT SAME thing about grey's anatomy last night when i got side-tracked into something else, but DITTO on the conviction! i also don't know about tv as a whole. i don't watch it, but my children enjoy it in moderation. it was a huge step when we got rid of additional tv's in the home and narrowed it down to one. but we'll see! LOVED small group!!

Anonymous said...

Don't like the new colors... makes it hard to read. Figured your sister could give some "constructive" criticism. Thanks for the updates since we don't talk as much anymore cause we're so busy. I have GOT to get to Bham soon.