Friday, October 3, 2008

Changes to the Blog and other random thoughts...

Thanks to my friend Nadia, I found a great site ( that has great backgrounds. I can finally change with the seasons!! Thanks Nadia!! It probably has lots of other benefits that I haven't found yet but I'm still new to this blogging thing. :-)

I will probably continue to blog with my usual randomness. I like the stream of consciousness writing that blogging allows. I can also vent thoughts and frustrations. Sometimes that's the downside to being single and living alone. The cat doesn't talk back and can't affirm my weird thoughts. So, I post them in cyberspace for my readers to comment on.

On that note, is anybody else as peeved with Congress and the president as I am? I KNEW they couldn't follow through with their earlier vote. The cowards. Whatever happened to statesmen? Do they suck out your brains after you've traveled the underground tram so many times??

I think I'm not voting for a single incumbent this year. I know God is sovereign over the upcoming election and I'm not worried about finances, I'm just mad as hell that my elected representatives have heard what we've said as Americans and completely DISREGRARDED it. What nerve! On some scale, this must be what the colonists felt like when they revolted. Too bad most voters in our country are more concerned with American Idol and Entertainment Tonight than they are with starting a new revolution.

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