Sunday, September 21, 2008


I think I may be weird. For many, this Radical series David has been preaching is really tough. For me, not so much. While seriously convicting, it is also helping to confirm that God has something really big planned for me in the near future. I make no claims that I know what that is but I feel a real Holy Spirit prompting. I think it probably relates to Arizona but God could have something totally different in mind.

David's sermon tonight really hit home on this front because he talked about God's commission often doesn't make sense, people will hate you, think you're nuts, etc. That is straight from Matthew 10 for those keeping score. What's really weird is that when I think about AZ, it doesn't make sense and some people in my life would think I'm nuts. By the world's standards, giving up "everything" and moving to the desert would be radical. Too bad the world doesn't understand calling or obedience to God's command. I say it doesn't make sense because I like big cities, winter, contemporary worship styles, need I go on? AZ offers NONE of that. What it does offer is a real opportunity to make a Kingdom difference on a daily basis. That should be enough for me to pack my bags and move tomorrow. Unfortunately, God hasn't said "go" permanently yet. I feel it's coming (you've been warned) and I have to be patient to pray through this and listen for God's voice as opposed to my voice wanting it to be God's.

If I can ask one thing through this seemingly wandering post, it's this: pray for me. Pray that I will have the patience to listen for God and no one else. Pray that I will be patient for God's provision if AZ isn't His plan. Pray that I will be willing to be a whenever, wherever, however, whoever follower of Christ.

Thanks in advance for the prayers!!


nadia said...

i missed sunday and have GOT to listen to the sermon before tomorrow! that said, i'll definitely be praying for you!

nadia said...
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