Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Wow, 2 Days in a Row!!

I've had a much more productive day today. Got more accomplished at work and then went to a fan preview night at Samford. Nice job by the athletic department to put more fans in the seats. I really like the new ad campaign using slogans like "Thou shalt not steal but a well-placed interception is always welcome." and "Thou shalt not covet but it's okay to want the championship really, really bad." Look for billboards coming to the side of the road near you soon. :-)

I have about decided that there are people in the so-called Christian community that cause much more harm than good. First there is some idiot in McCain's camp that is relating Obama to the Anti-Christ. Really?! While Obama is not and ideal candidate (not that McCain is either), calling him the Anti-Christ is a bit over the top. Later I heard he was just kidding and relating it more to how the media has annointed him as the "chosen one." But, the whole thing still bothered me. This one comment, flippant or not, really doesn't help the campaign and makes it look like Obama is being picked on. Stick with the issues and leave Biblical comments to those who are smarter about those kinds of things.

Another batch of weirdos are those who are quite insistent that worshipping on Sunday is false teaching and worshipping on Sunday affects salvation. Excuse me? I don't remember there being anything in Jesus' teachings about going to church having an impact on salvation. Belief in Jesus as the only way to salvation is the ONLY way to salvation. How much simpler can that be? This has all come about because a friend of a friend has been getting serious pressure from her family because she has joined TCABH. Man I wish they were as concerned about feeding the hungry, nuturing the young and ministering to the sick as they were about what day people decided to grace the inside of a freakin' building. For the love people, it's about a relationship, not a day of the week.

Okay off my soapbox. It just bugs the ever-loving stew out of me when supposed Christians begin attacking other Christians over trivial matters. What a waste.

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