Sunday, June 3, 2012

Week Twenty-Two in Review

This has been a pretty boring week aside from two job interviews and a job offer.  I know, not boring for most people but since there was no travel involved, it's pretty boring. :-)  I have another interview (a second interview) coming up on Tuesday so we'll see what God has in store.  Either job would be good positions - both would be more money and less travel.  I do have a favorite but I'm keeping that to myself for now.  If you would like more details, email me and I'll share.  I'm just being careful what's shared publicly for now.

Food-wise, I ate better this week - planned ahead and used my Memorial Day holiday to prepare meat for use over the week and beyond.  Hope to keep it up this week.  Having only one class to teach has helped.  I am home in the evenings and can eat properly.  Being AT HOME instead of on the road helps too.  It's just difficult to make the healthiest eating choices when on the road.

Spiritually, this was an interesting week. Spent the week in Song of Solomon and Proverbs.  Proverbs is always so interesting to read.  I'm always struck by different things.  This week, two things stood out: God's view on how the poor should be treated and the importance of fighting against seduction.  I have started underlining how often the poor are mentioned and you can tell quite quickly how seriously God takes our treatment of the poor.  He calls for destruction for those who would mistreat the poor.  I think that serves as a warning for us in today's society.  I know that many of my trips around ATL bring me into contact with those society would view as "poor."  I've been thinking about how often I ignore them or try to pretend I don't see them.  That's my sinful side coming out big-time.  God commands us to love the poor.  I should be looking for ways to engage the people around me.  Even if I can't do something to meet an immediate need, I can at least be encouraging to them - offering a smile or a handshake.

The second thought was about seduction.  The question was raised in my Bible study book, what are you seduced by?  That question got me to pondering.  I think we all too often hear the word seduction and immediately think sex.  Maybe it's just me but I doubt it.  We are all seduced by something in this, fortune, success, fame - the list is endless.  Proverbs warns about being seduced and how to avoid that seduction.  Often it means fleeing from the temptation.  I'll admit, sometimes, that's just hard.  That piece of cake looks so yummy...I could do so much good if I just had more money...I'd be happier if I was more popular, etc.  I am easily swayed by the things of this world and have to focus day-by-day, sometimes minute-by-minute on Christ to overcome the seductions of the world.  It's just been on my mind ever since I read that question.  I'm not sure I have any mind-blowing answers; I was just reminded during the week how important it is to keep my focus on Christ and Christ alone.

I'm now off to enjoy the rest of my evening.  Have a healthy dinner planned and then will hopefully go to bed early.  Busy week ahead - lots of stuff to do in the office.  More next week...

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Brooke said...

So excited about both job opportunities! I'll be praying for your interview!