Monday, June 18, 2012

Week Twenty-Four in Review

So, I'm a little late with this week's update too.  But, I have a good excuse...I went home to celebrate Sarah's birthday (and all about her day) and Father's Day.  Mom and Sarah and I had a great time getting pedicures, having lunch together, shopping and then having Japanese food for dinner.  During our shopping trip, I got the benefit of Sarah's fashion expertise (and mom's $$) to add new tops to my wardrobe.  Sarah has an uncanny ability to put outfits together and I love, love, love getting to take advantage of that skill.  I have NO fashion sense - she keeps me from looking like a hobo. :-)

Last week was a little eventful.  On Tuesday, the recruiter from Children's Healthcare of Atlanta called and offered me the Program Manager position at the Child Protection Center and I accepted.  This was my first-choice position and I am thrilled to be joining a strong organization and a great team.  I will be managing a team that focuses on prevention and education around the issues of child abuse and neglect, child sexual abuse and child sex exploitation.  While it is sensitive work, the opportunity to stay in prevention and advocacy is wonderful for me professionally.  It is also a step up for me in terms of responsibility.  I will be supervising people and budgets for the first time.  I am excited about the new journey God is taking me on.

Healthy eating-wise last week during the week was up and down.  Sarah and I had a wonderful, healthy Sarah-created meal on Monday night.  (She has great fashion sense AND she cooks.  What more could a sister ask for?)  Tuesday night we celebrated my new job. The meal wasn't too unhealthy but the dessert certainly was. ;-) The rest of the week was up and down - some healthy, some not-so.  I am still trying to focus (and doing well) on eating more fresh fruits and veggies and drinking more water. This week should be better since I have no out of the office meetings and got stocked up on leftovers from mom and dad's.  The leftovers make it MUCH easier to add a quick side or salad and have a healthy lunch or dinner without much thought.  Love, love, love getting that added bonus from a visit to mom and dad's!

My spiritual thoughts this week have been centered around where Solomon went so wrong.  He spent much of his life following in his father's footsteps, following God's commands and walking with God.  Then he veered off course.  While Scripture doesn't explicitly state this, I think it was a pride issue.  Scripture does tell us that Solomon had tons of people, including the Queen of Sheba, telling him how great he was.  I think after a while, he did what we are  I am so prone to do...he listened to his own press and forgot all about God.  I used to be so judgmental of Old Testament characters, wondering how they could forget about God.  Then I realized I do the same dadgum thing repeatedly.  Of course, my sin doesn't lead to the splitting of a kingdom like Solomon's did but it's critically important anyway.  My prayer through this week is that God would help me put aside my worldly pride and always remember that He is the only one due any glory and anything and everything I have is because of His work in my life.

On a lighter note, I have two book reviews to get posted in the coming days.  One fiction, one non-fiction, both great reads.  More later...

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