Sunday, April 29, 2012

Week Seventeen in Review

One more week down...had writer's block yesterday so I didn't get a post written.  May be short today because I'm not sure exactly what to write.  I had a typical week - work, teach one night, home.  My life is a giant bore right now and quite honestly, I LOVE it!  Even if it doesn't  make for good blog fodder, I enjoy the down time.  I've been able to relax, read, and just chill.

I've been pondering a few things about my Bible reading but I'm still not 100% sure how to write it down yet.  I'm reading through the Bible chronologically so right now, it's a mix of Chronicles, 2 Samuel and various Psalms.  My thoughts are rambling about God's plan being seen all through history but I haven't yet figured out what I want to say.  One thing I have been pondering lately is related to what we've been studying on Sunday mornings at Renovation.  Three weeks ago we started a verse-by-verse trip through John.  Heavy on the exegesis and I like it.  We've only made it through the first 8 verses (at this rate we'll finish about 2020 :-)).  The first three verses are such a mind-blowing display of God's greatness that you can get a headache if you think too hard.  Chew on this...the eternal (God), became temporal (Jesus) so the temporal (us) could relate to the eternal (God).  Wow!  Talk about an amazing picture of the Trinity and how it works for our salvation.  Then today we focused on John 1:6-8 talking about why John the Baptist was sent - he was the witness for the saving work Jesus would do.  Since we've witnessed the light, we should witness the light.  We have a responsibility to share the light we've experienced with others.  Talk about a heavy responsibility.  Easy to say, not so easy to live out!

I am looking forward to this week - not too many meetings (only 2 I know of) and time in my office to get things prepared for the next week. Then on Friday, I get to head to Birmingham to see friends and top it off with a commissioning service for my sweet friend Lisa who leaves for Niger in late May.  It's more travel but at least this time there's no work involved.  Friday can't get here fast enough!

More next week - probably on Sunday again since I'll be spending time with friends on Saturday instead of blogging.  I also have a book review I need to post.  Hope to do that tomorrow evening.  It's a great book I highly recommend.  Can't wait to share my thoughts.

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