Saturday, March 3, 2012

Week Nine in Review

I went ahead and changed the blog background early since the weather has decided to turn spring-like early.  The winter template just didn't seem appropriate any more.  Of course, since it was only appropriate for about seven days this winter, it is really a moot point.  I do have to say that I can't believe it's already March.  I feel like the first two months of the year flew by.  I guess that means I was busy.  Sadly, the next couple of months (March and April) are shaping up to be super busy. 

This was a mixed week.  I am super busy at work but feel something is "off."  I can't really explain it because I enjoy my job, I just feel like something is missing.  It's a strange place to be especially since I've been asked to apply for a position with another organization.  My bosses know and are supportive, it just leaves me in a weird spot. I know God has the plans all worked out, I just don't like the uncertainty.  That control freak in me comes out more often than I would like lately.  Gotta continue to pray about that.

I didn't make the best food choices this week but still managed to lose weight.  That's not really a good thing.  I have to figure out how to overcome those temptations to indulge the things that I know aren't good for me.  I can all too easily attribute it to fatigue, frustration, etc. but I have a harder time calling it what it is, sin.  Fortunately, my friend Sheryl is fighting a similar battle and blogging about it here.  I have learned a lot as Sheryl has been blogging about her experiences.  I have gained insight into my own journey through reading about hers.  It's definitely been an inspiration.  This is a spiritual battle and I am determined to use spiritual tools to fight instead of relying on so-called willpower.

We are moving into my favorite time of year.  No, not spring, March Madness.  As a sports fan, I can't decide what I like better, March Madness or bowl season.  I think it depends on when you ask me. :-)  I remember in college being able to go from game to game to game all day on Thursday and Friday and end the day on a basketball high.  For the past several years, I've had to watch scores on my computer and only watch games once I got home from work.  This year, I get to watch tournament games all day AND get paid for it.  My mom is having to have some surgery and it coincides with the week the tournament begins. I am taking time off to take care of her so as she's recuperating, we won't have anything to do but watch basketball.  Since she's as big a college basketball fan as I am, if she has to have the surgery, March Madness is as good a time as any.  In fact, the madness really starts tonight with Duke/UNC.  ACC regular-season title on the line, #1  seed probable to winner, revenge on the minds of UNC?  Yes, please.  Hollywood can't script drama like this!  Gotta go get dinner together so I can be ready for tip-off.  More next week.

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