Monday, March 19, 2012

Week Eleven in Review

This is late and will be short because my time last week was taken up by taking care of my mom.  She had major surgery on Tuesday the 13th and I was blessed to be able to take time off to care for her.  Surgery went well (as well as surgeries can go) and she is on the road to recovery.  The biggest issue for her will be patience.  She is a go and do person and loves to be active.  This sitting around and resting will be tough for her.

I didn't eat all that badly last week even if it was hospital food.  Fortunately, I could get mostly healthy options and managed to lose about 2 pounds.  Hoping I can stick with that this week.  Learning to focus on the spiritual battle instead of giving in to the temptation is TOUGH!  I wish I could say it was getting easier but it so isn't.  Of course, that's the battle, right?  But, this is a new day and a new week and God promises His mercies are new every morning.  Gonna cling to that one during this stressful week. (Being out always causes more work.)

Spiritually, I'm mulling over the concept in Deuteronomy of unintentional sin.  There was a whole sacrificial system in place to cover unintentional sins but I can't really find a definition I trust of the concept of unintentional sin.  Since sin is primarily a mind/heart problem, how can you unintentionally sin?  I'm not talking about accidentally making yourself unclean or accidentally taking another life, that's outlined elsewhere.  I'm talking about the actual sacrificial system around unintentional sin.  Am I mis-reading the passages?  Does anyone have a clue what I'm talking about?  Thoughts?

Since I'm taking 15 minutes out of my workday to put this on paper, I should probably get back to work.  I should have a book review coming soon with two on deck to read and review.  More next week...

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