Monday, January 2, 2012

New Year, New Book Rating System

After two years of book reviewing, I've decided I need some sort of ranking system to help keep my thoughts straight.  Of course, these are subject to change when I feel the need but it might help keep my reviews consistent.  So, here goes...

1 Bookmark - horrible book, couldn't/wouldn't finish, book was boring, poorly written, etc.  (RARE)

2 Bookmarks - so-so book, not something worth a lot of praise but worth finishing, not a subject matter I enjoy, has characters I can't identify with, poor writing, etc.

3 Bookmarks - good book but hard to get into, slow/complicated plot, good but not great, doesn't keep me up at night

4 Bookmarks - really good book, solid character or subject development, quality plot development, pace moves quickly, keeps me wanting more, etc.

5 Bookmarks - truly fantastic book, would purchase the book myself, highly recommend to others, re-read worthy (RARE)

Notes About the System

1.  This rating system is entirely subjective.  These are my opinions only but since it's my blog, my opinions are the ones that matter.
2.  Half-points are an option and will usually be used in relation to outside factors like price, availability, etc.
3.  Suggested pricing listed on a book may impact the rating of a book.  If it's a great book but isn't affordable, what good is it?  As a Christian, I am cautious about how I spend my money and how I make referrals about products.  I've seen several great books lately that are just too expensive to rate highly.  For the record, this would probably only make a 4 book a 3.5.
4.  Don't take my word for it - READ and THINK for yourself.  The important thing is to read.

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