Monday, June 1, 2009

This and That

Just have a stream of random thoughts that I don't have time to elaborate on in a full-on post. If you don't want a bunch of randomness, stop reading now. You've been warned. :-)

*We serve an awesome God! All of my support for my South Africa trip is in! God has provided so many different sources of funding for this trip; it is truly amazing to see God's provision in action. Most of my team has raised all the support they need and we have extra money that has been donated to use for supplies, medications and Bibles. I can't wait to see what God will do on this trip.

*Helped move Sarah over Memorial Day weekend. She has the cutest little house in Macon. I'm jealous of my little sis. She chose great colors for her house and she and my mom did all the painting themselves. It is a great house and she should be very happy.

*Deuteronomy is such an awesome book. It centers around God telling the Israelites "remember, don't forget." There are lots of times that I find myself in the same place the Israelites were, in a condundrum of my own making, having forgotten (again!) that God is the ultimate provider and sustainer. Hopefully while reading this go-around (I'm only on chapter 5), I can put the idea of remember, don't forget on my heart instead of just in my head.

*Still haven't heard from the indian reservation regarding a job. I'm having to trust God big-time on this one. My lease is up in a few months (August 7 to be exact) and I'm planning to extend by a month. There are very few jobs out there right now and I have to be patient and find what God has in store for me. That's the hardest part because you know me, I'd like to have known the answers yesterday.

I think that's all for now. I have another post coming once I figure out exactly what to say and how to nicely say it regarding the killer of the abortion provider.

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