Saturday, May 16, 2009

Movie Review: 17 Again

I just got home from seeing 17 Again with my friend Jane. It's a cute movie overall. Probably not worth $9.25 but it was clean and Zac Efron is easy on the eyes. :-) It's all about how Matthew Perry's character has screwed up his life and gets a chance to have a "do-over." and reconnect with his wife. It was definitely a comedy and very predictable but since it was clean, that makes it a good movie in my book.

It did get me thinking that I would not do high school over again for all the gold in Fort Knox. This movie reminded me of why. High school is a growing experience, sure, but I didn't like my high school years. I was the geek, goody-goody, overweight girl who never got invited to things. Doesn't really bother me now but then it was miserable. All I wanted was to graduate and move on to college. I imagine things are only tougher today. I admire kids, girls especially, who are able to avoid the pitfalls that are high school. So many of the girls I've met lately are comfortable with who they are and whose they are and that's all that matters. Maybe my bad experience with high school is why I have such a burden for discipling girls and young women.

Done with the reliving of high school. Bottom line on the movie, if you want a cute, clean movie, catch this one in a matinee. Hollywood needs more people to support clean movies.

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nicki said...

so i'm a little behind the times, and probably a bit late commenting, but this post struck a chord in me. as you can imagine, i had much the same high school experience that you did, and i wholeheartedly believe that God used that to give me a passion for walking with/encouraging/discipline teenage (or tweenage) girls. but i also think that He has used that to take me back to my adolescent years. i have realized that always blamed the other kids for not getting invited to things and not being well-liked. if i went back today knowing what i know now, i would realize that you have to give a little to get a little (i always waited for people to approach me - assuming, if they didn't, that they didn't want to know me or have anything to do with me). i also realize that my group is the in-group. i have alot of fun with you guys who i call friends, and i really don't mind whatever disdain people throw at me, b/c they really don't matter - y'all do. and i would be armed with the knowledge that after high school, the only reason people care about what store something came from is b/c they really like it and want to go get one of their own. anyway, i know that our histories are different and you didn't deal with alot of the insecurities that i did, but i thought i would throw in my two cents. i think these are the lessons God taught me that He wants me to pass on to my (now) eighth grade girls.