Monday, February 16, 2009

Go God!

I picked the title because that's how I feel after yesterday. I had such an interesting time teaching my 7th grade girls yesterday. I have one girl, H. who is a processor. She thinks out loud and it's so neat to watch her process what God is teaching her. H. is also quick to say "yay God!" for her successes and share those with her classmates. For example, she was nervous about doing well in track tryouts and she said she prayed all day "God take away my fear." and He did. Track tryouts weren't a problem. I love the way she's willing to take God at his word and trust Him for her needs. It's neat when Beth (my co-teacher) and I can see growth in the girls' walks with the Lord.

I'm also excited about getting to chaperone the Spring Break missions trip to Biloxi. I have no idea what we're doing but I know we'll be working with World Changers so I imagine they'll keep us busy. Last year's trip to New Orleans was pretty powerful for the students that went so I imagine this year will be the same.

My most exciting part of yesterday was the AIDS Hospice team meeting. God has brought together the most amazing people. Kristi and I could NEVER have put together a team like this if we'd tried. We have three women who've been to SA before and have a heart for the people, one hospice social worker and one member who has lost a relative to AIDS. Everyone is so excited about the possibilities for the trip and the opportunity we will have to share Christ's love with a desperate people. What greater urgency for the Gospel than among those who are staring eternity in the face? My fervent prayer now is that God will knit us together as a team and that we will work together for His glory and be Christ to those we encounter.

I'm also excited that God is working the membership process details out. While I am still incredibly busy, ever since reading that Chambers' quote last Monday, I've had such a different outlook and I think God is blessing my efforts. We have a system in place to handle almost every contingency that people can throw at us so now it's just a matter of working the system.

Now I'm off to go watch another "House Hunters" episode and then head to bed.

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