Monday, January 12, 2009


I've taken down the New Year's stuff and was planning to put a winter background up but my favorite blog template site ( did a server upgrade over the weekend and I can't get to their site right now. So, we've reverted to the blogspot standby for now. Hopefully my favorite website will be back up and running soon and I can get off the boring stuff.

In other news, I met with the guy who is our South Africa contact over the weekend. He's a cool dude. We learned that we will be accompanied by local hospice workers while we're there. It actually provides two bonuses: first, they will be our translators and they know the area and secondly (and most important in my book), some of them are not Christ-followers and we will have the opportunity to share the Gospel over and over and over for 5 days and develop a relationship with these ladies. I am confident God is going to do some amazing things in the lives of these ladies. We have also had three additional people sign up for the trip over the weekend (Woo-Hoo!!). Right now, we are at 7 people who are confirmed with at least three "maybes" waiting in the wings. Please pray that God continues to stir in people a desire to share God's love with those that are truly the "least of these."

Off to make dinner...

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