Monday, January 12, 2009

Only in AL??

Why does Alabama seem to attract the idiots? It seems that a pilot of a small plane made a distress call over Huntsville and then made another one saying his windshield had flown off. This plane then crashed outside Milton, FL. Everyone of course was looking for the pilot, fearing the worst. Well, turns out, everything was faked and he bailed out over Shelby County, AL. To top things off, he is the owner of an investment company in Indiana that is under investigation from the feds. Now, if he was taking off from Indiana headed to FL, he had to pass over KY and then TN. Why couldn't he have chosen those states to bail out in? This is leading to a manhunt, costing taxpayers who knows how much money. Maybe we should call in his investors. I bet they could find him!

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